The editor of the Danish newspaper “Jyllands Postenâ” was burnt to death when a fire mysteriously broke out in his bedroom, a Saudi newspaper claims.
The editor was sleeping in his bedroom when the fire ravaged his bedroom. He and his newspaper became controversial when it had published blasphemous caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

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  1. I should say that, although I’m not happy over someone else’s death, I’m surely think that this is well worth for him ;). Is this a swift retribution or is it just a spontaneous combustions? Or spontaneous combustions is God’s way on bringing the swift retribution to earth?

  2. cuma dua kata…. “modaro kono…!!”
    (ini oknum yang menerbitkan kartun pelecehan thd Nabi saw, dijemput sama molekat izroil pake banaspati)

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