Yahoo Messenger ver 7.0 Beta

This will be wonderfull day? why? because my favorite IM was introduce the new version of Yahoo Messenger (ver 7 beta)

This will be nice tool in 2005.

What new?
Free worldwide calls.*
Use Yahoo! Messenger to call and talk over the Internet just like you’re on the phone. All you need is a headset, or a microphone and speakers. It’s that easy – just click the Call button. If no one’s there, leave a voicemail!

You can also get much better sound quality than regular phone lines. Try it out – you and your friends will really hear a difference.

Drag-and-drop photos
Need something to talk about? Just drag and drop pictures into your IM window to share them with your friends.

Find, add, share friends…
It’s easier than ever to add and invite friends to Messenger. You can even send your contact information to a friend’s Address Book.

and many more


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