Yes this My Flash USB Disk, with 1GB memory capacity. It’s enough for me to bring my fave tools, music, doc, etc.

Look the design, it so cute, with blue colour and simple design. make my heart always blink blink :D

How much? it’s about 60$

  1. I bought the same usb stick with the same capacity back 2 years ago.
    I just used it as my backup storage. But then after one year, it didn’t work at al.
    I was quite lucky as I have another backup media, but some data got lost though. Since then I use external HDD instead.

  2. i love blue! apalagi klo transparan :D
    dan ya, mungkin buat orang lain ketinggalan handphone itu petaka, tp buat saya ga bisa ketinggalan flash usb disk ;)

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