Jauhari on Yahoo! and Google

I try to search my nice word :) “Jauhari” and I get interesting result from Yahoo and Google. Still Number ONE?

Muhammad Rayhan Zulqarrnayn

Yes this nice name, my first friends children. Congratulation to Andi “Lubab”. The JUNIOR was RISING. I hope this JUNIOR will be better and fix some security issue on ANDI SENIOR :)

Toni Themes for WP 1.5 and Others

I was looking some nice themes from WordPress.org and I was found some interesting this post from WordPress.org People keep emailing me wanting my Toni themes for 1.5, so here they are: http://aphotolog.com/themes/ *Note: This was a quick conversion, you may encounter some kookiness. I am extremely busy but I will do my best to

Website Indonesia goverment was HACKED

Website of Indonesian Goverment was hacked *by and they send the message to #medanhacker @ dalnet, all their crew members in the bottom their say the signature like this by bC-X *corrected by wongiseng (thanks)

Email Encoding

Some great article about spammer, Last July, wanting to prove that simplistic protection of email links by just escaping them as numeric character references (a@b.com to produce a@b.com) was a lousy idea — and how could it not be? even without any economic incentive, it wouldn’t take me long to write the code needed to

Teka-Teki Imam Al-Ghazali

dari Milist Sebelah

Suatu hari Imam Al-Ghazali berkumpul dengan murid-muridnya dan kemudian beliau memberikan pertanyaan teka-teki…

Imam Ghazali : “Apakah yang paling dekat dengan diri kita di dunia ini?”
Murid 1 : Orang tua
Murid 2 : Guru
Murid 3 : Teman
Imam Ghazali : Semua jawaban itu benar. Tetapi yang paling dekat dengan kita ialah MATI. Sebab itu adalah janji Allah SWT bahwa setiap yang berjiwa pasti akan merasakan mati (Surah Ali-Imran : 185).

Ulama Jualan Bensin

Muhammadiyah pernah memiliki ketua umum luar biasa secara integritas moral. Namanya AR Fachruddin (kini almarhum). Ulama yang biasa dipanggil Pak AR ini sangat jujur dan memiliki kepribadian zuhud. Suatu ketika ia datang ke Malang. A Malik Fadjar (kini mendiknas) yang kala itu menjabat rektor Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang menyalami uang Pak AR sekian juta. Uang itu diterima. Namun beberapa hari berselang datang surat berisi kwitansi pembayaran berkop panti asuhan anak yatim. Ternyata uang sekian juta dari Pak Malik Fadjar itu oleh Pak AR diterima bukan untuk dinikmati pribadi. Tetapi disumbangkan kepada panti asuhan anak yatim. Sedang kwitansi pembayarannya dialamatkan langsung kepada si pemberi (Malik Fadjar). Luar biasa.

My Friends Write This

it’s about SHORT MESSAGE SERVICE, show check it about this nice article.

IE 7: so much for Firefox

This information come from cnet.com, for Google Adsense
The party’s over.

In the past year, the little browser that could, Firefox, became the people’s hero, an underdog warrior that took a huge swipe at its enemy, Internet Explorer. IE dipped below 90 percent market share for the first time in years, while Firefox lured users like the Pied Piper, blowing past its own fundraising goals and reigniting the browser wars.

Meanwhile, the bad news continued to mount for Microsoft. An IE exploit put even Windows XP SP2 users at risk from phishing schemes, even as Microsoft touted SP2 as the most secure version of Windows yet. Worse, major security companies and the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team began to recommend that computer users dump IE for something more secure (read: Firefox).

By early this year, Netscape was emboldened to reenter the fray, announcing in January that it would release a new version of the Netscape browser, designed specifically to resist phishing schemes–something even Firefox lacks. Then, Opera said it would offer free licenses to universities, in order to make sure it would still be relevant in the new world browser order. And through it all, what was the response from Microsoft? Silence.

Protected: Which a Men?

Lelaki Ramah : Ngajak ngobrol sambil pipis, sampe temennya nggak bisa pipis Lelaki Gaul : Selalu ikut temenya ke toilet, walaupun dia nggak pipis Lelaki Pembenci : Sesudah pipis terus ngeludahin pipisnya Lelaki Komunikatif : Pipis sambil ketik SMS Lelaki Sibuk : Selalu nunggu sampai kebelet,….terus terbirit-birit lari ke toilet Lelaki Enjoy : Pipis sambil

Nokia and Microsoft Bring E-mail, Music to Phones

Trik untuk adsense Google

Peter Sayer, IDG News Service
Monday, February 14, 2005

Nokia has announced a partnership with Microsoft to deliver music and e-mail to users of its mobile phones, but has ruled out the possibility of building Microsoft’s operating system software into its products.

Software supporting Microsoft Exchange Server’s ActiveSync protocol for synchronizing e-mail, calendar, and contact information will be a feature of future Nokia phones, thanks to a deal announced by the two companies at the 3GSM World Congress in Cannes on Monday.

“Part of becoming more IT aware (as a company) is an appreciation for de facto standards, and ActiveSync is the de facto standard,” said Nokia Executive Vice President of Enterprise Solutions Mary McDowell, defending the company’s decision to bow to Microsoft’s might, rather than use its market leadership to push the software giant into supporting open synchronization protocols.

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