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MySQL Tool, When, What and Why?

Last Updated on 17 Mei 2005 by Jauhari

Why I use MySQL for my database engine? This is free and Open Source. Not like MsSQL, Oracle, DB2 that we need buy that server, and it’s so expensive for me ;).

So, I try to find the best tool for managemen my great database MySQL 4.1.11. I was search on Google, Yahoo and other popular sites.

And this that I found

  • PHP My Admin. Yes everybody MySQL person know that this popular PHP WebBased MySQL tools
  • Premium Soft Navicat 2004. This my fav tools, great on GUI, visual query, and they can export with many-many different format. Also import from many-many different format.
  • Command Line. This not my fave :d but this something very helpul for me.

So what you faveorite tools?

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  1. Mas Jauhari, daku nanya donk.. refer dari mac.web.id..
    akhirnya instalasinya gimana ya mysql di Leopard?
    Boleh share? thanks..

    1. Saya akhirnya kasih dua opsi mas.
      1. Install XAMPP for Mac
      2. Install MAMP

      Dan saat ini saya prefer menggunakan Opsi Dua, walaupun semuanya baik baik aja.

      Kalau mau tetep make Apache Mac, bisa install MySQL versi tiger mas.

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