This morning I got PM from my friends like this

hey… sorry to break the news but you guys have 8 days to send this or you all can say bye bye to your free acount. Yahoo is going to charge $10 a month for instant messenger to whoever don’t send this message. Your acount will be deactivated and it will cost you $10.00 dollars a month for you to use!! To send this to everyone on your list right click on your group name,select send message to all and copy it. Sorry about this….DO NOT DELETE THIS MESSAGE….they want to see which users are actually using their services. THIS IS NOT A JOKE….(ntah betul ntah tidak…hantar je la)

Is it HOAX?

  1. permisi..
    mas tlng penjelasannya…
    YM error setelah sy upgrade tp tdk selesai/ggl
    di uninstal tdk bs…sy jalanin lwt yahoo protokol tdk di kenal..klo d reinstal ntar muncul lyr upgrade system configurasi …
    thank’s penjelasannya..maklum gw newbie..abissss:((

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