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New – June 21, 2006 – Join the 3D Challenge

SketchUp is a simple but powerful tool for quickly and easily creating, viewing and modifying your 3D ideas.

  • Click on a shape and push or pull it to create your desired 3D geometry.
  • Experiment with color and texture directly on your model.
  • Real-time shadow casting lets you see exactly where the sun falls as you model.
  • Select from thousands of pre-drawn components to save time drawing.

They released new tool. Yes this briefs text from

What next Google?

0 thoughts on “Google SketchUp

  1. gmana yah cara memasikkan gambar bitmap ke suatu bidang saat menjalankan software sketchup????
    truzt ada ga menu render dalam software sketchup??? mohon bantuannya yach!!!!

  2. Yaa ndak semua sih… aplikasi webnya khan juga banyak.. khab bisa RUN di Linux juga… Bahkan sekarang google juga release Google Earth for Linux :)>-

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